Cerenity Deluxe Facial

A facial designed exclusively for you based on your skin concerns and goals.

How It Works

We begin by cleaning your skin with Entropy water that fights free radicals and antioxidizes your skin slowing down the aging process. Our Signature Facial focuses on exfoliation, extraction, and hydration – the three main factors that are needed for healthy skin. Includes Cleanse, Steam with Entropy anti-aging water, Exfoliation, extractions (if needed), mask, LED (red light/blue light) therapy, and light facial massage. We end your facial by customizing it to suit your skincare needs with either lymphatic drainage, rose quarts Gua Sha, high frequency, radio frequency, or microcurrent and we top off this facial with medical-grade serums.

What It Treats

The Cerenity Deluxe Facial is suitable for all men and women – with or without facial hair. The Signature Facial is designed with you in mind. You’ll work with your aesthetics expert to develop a facial that treats your areas of concern and leaves you feeling relaxed and glowy.


Uncover glowing skin with a facial designed to treat your skin concerns.


Microcurrent Dual-mask

The microcurrent dual-mask system immediately soothes the skin to eliminate redness and optimize post-treatment healing. Recommended to add after MicroNeedling to reduce swelling, and redness and add beautiful brightness to the skin. Can be added to any facial.


Use a sterile razor to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair or “peach fuzz”. Dermaplaning gives your skin a smooth, youthful, radiant glow, and creates a flawless canvas for makeup.


Microcurrent is exercise for the skin and facial muscles. It tones and contours and helps with everything from sagging to fine lines. Improved elasticity due to an increase in natural elastin production, Improved collagen production and skin cell turnover, Diminished wrinkles and fine lines, Diminished pigmentation, and skin roughness. It is suggested to receive 1 session once a week for cumulative results for 6 weeks and then maintenance once a month.

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This treatment is perfect to tighten sagging or loose skin, diminish fine lines/wrinkles, and tone your entire face. The cycle of new cells to generate is about 28 days, when new collagen production generates, so effects will be visible at that time. It is suggested to receive 1 session once a week for cumulative results for 12 weeks and then maintenance once a month.

High Frequency

Add on to any facial, to destroy bacteria, clear acne, and tone.

We've got answers

Yes! Your aesthetician will address your skin concerns with you and design the facial to treat and protect your skin.

Immediately after treatment.

We recommend not wearing makeup after any facial treatment. It is best to schedule at least 24 hours before an event.