Hormone Replacement Therapy

Doctor Prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Our Hormone Replacement Program focuses On Treating The Imbalances In Your Hormones. We Begin with Extensive Blood Lab Work And Then Our Expert Medical Staff Will Assess Your Blood Work And Suggest a Treatment Plan That Will Be Tailored For You. With This Treatment, You Will Feel More Energetic, Improve your Libido, Better Sleep, And Much More.


How It Works

Millions Of Men And Women Struggle With Their Energy, Libido, And Hormones As They Age. When You Are In Your 20s You Are In Exceptional Energy and Excellent Hormone Balance. As You Get Older, We Need To Slow Down The Aging Process By Balancing Your Hormones To Your Youthful Years And Ultimately Be Able To Have The Energy And Libido That You Want. We Look Beyond The Norm And Look At Many Factors Including Testosterone, Vitamins, And Minerals That Are Necessary To Get Optimal Health.

What It Treats

Energy, and Libido and much more


Improve general health and overall wellness, sex drive and energy.

We've got answers

Typically, Insurance does not cover Hormone Replacement Therapy, however, we accept some HSA cards.

The cost depends on the medication and supplements provided but typically it is as low as $199 per month which includes your medication, supplement, and help from our patient advocate support.

Once you schedule an appointment with us, a patient advocate will learn about your needs and schedule you with our Hormone specialist. Once you meet with the specialist, they will order the blood work and within one week we will schedule you for a follow-up to go over the treatment plan and order the medication and supplements necessary for you.