IV Therapy

Refresh your body, eliminate toxins, and boost cognitive function with nutrient-rich hydration.

How It Works

Hydration Therapy offers an electrolyte solution to rapidly hydrate the body. This efficient treatment flushes toxins while replenishing nutrients to boost energy levels, and cognitive function and improve overall health.

What It Treats

Dehydration, Fatigue, Recovery, Stress, Lack of Immune Support


Efficiently hydrate and refresh the body while delivering nutrients on a cellular level for optimal benefits.

Athlete IV

These infusions will give your body what it needs to repair and recover from your workout and reduce the amount of downtime between workouts. Benefits: 100% Hydration, replenish lost electrolytes, it’s what muscles crave, Increased energy, Improve muscle recovery time, Boost your metabolism, Enhanced mental function, Improved fat-burning.

C Cancer IV

Evidence points to the overwhelming conclusion that vitamin C IV therapy, should be a part of every treatment plan in people with cancer and in individuals with other illnesses. Solid data exists to support vitamin C’s effects on many types of cancer. Recommended treatment twice a week. Benefits: Inactivity of cancer cells and viral and bacterial infections.

Executive IV

Give yourself that extra boost to improve your overall health. With this combination of vitamins and minerals, your mind and body will be given an overall reboot. Benefits: Decrease stress and anxiety, Improve muscular contraction and function, Boost your immune system, Enhance mental health and overall wellbeing, Antioxidants (anti-aging and cellular health), Help maintain healthy skin and bone.

Hangover IV

Don’t think just a simple cure is going to fix that hangover and get you back on your feet quickly? With the addition of our unique version of the Myers Cocktail, we will get you feeling great again. Benefits: 100% Hydration, Hangover relief, Electrolyte replacement, Nausea and Headache relief, Energy boost, Antioxidant, Improved appetite, Decreased stress and anxiety, Improve muscular contraction and function, Jumpstart your immunity, Enhanced mental health and overall wellbeing.

Hydrate IV

This solution of pure fluid, which doesn't contain any vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, or medicine, can help hydrate and provide relief from allergies, intolerance, or medical conditions. Benefits: Energy boost, 100% hydration, Improve muscle contraction and function.

Immune IV

This drip is designed to boost your immune system with essential vitamins and nutrients. Help your body boost its natural immunity with our special vitamin blend. Benefits: Super antioxidant, Mental clarity, Energy booster, 100% hydration, Immunity, Fight fatigue, Speed up metabolism, Improve overall brain function, Strength bones, Enhance collagen production.

Mental IV

This mental health IV drip therapy is specialized to boost your overall mental energy levels, fight cognitive decline, and enhance your memory. As a result, your work productivity and efficiency will skyrocket, and your focus will be sharper than ever! Benefits: Improve mental clarity, memory, and concentration to combat brain fog. Recover from day-to-day stress. Give yourself that “extra” sharpness. Improve memory retention and concentration. Prepare for big meetings, conferences, or events.

Migraine IV

Our IV infusion for Migraine relief helps you recover from the disabling effects they can cause as quickly as possible. Not only does this infusion treat migraine but also nausea associated with them. Benefits: 100% hydration, Pain relief from your migraine, Resolve nausea and vomiting, Improve energy, Help with mental function and focus, Mood booster, Immune system support.

Myers Cocktail IV

This drip is known to reduce symptoms of a range of ailments. It improves nerve health, mood, vitality, and more. A Stronger Immunity to Beat Colds and Flus. Benefits: Better Nerve Health to Fight Fibromyalgia, Improved Memory, Supports Bone Health, Boosted Energy Levels, helps prevent and treat Migraines

Slim IV

Help jump-start your weight loss goals with this infusion. Combined along with your exercise routine and/or other modalities at Cerenity will help achieve your end goal results. Benefits: Break down fat in the liver, Fat-burning compounds, Energy booster, Improve bone strength, Prevent muscle damage, Improve brain function, Improve metabolism, Antioxidant, Preventative for cholesterol build-up. If you are tired and running on empty, improve your energy and mental sharpness with this combination of vitamins and amino acids. Benefits: Antioxidant, Immune system boost, and support, Energy boost, reduced inflammation, Pain Relief, decreased stress and anxiety, Helps the body recover, and Accelerates healing.

Express Athlete and Executive IV Push

Express IV Drip is Perfect for your lunch break, these 30-minute drips will give you some of the benefits of the high-dose IVs without the time it takes to do a large dose! Helps cleanse your body of free radical build-up. Executive Suite to manage stress and improve sleep.