Jelly Mask Facial Jelly mask

Revive tired, dry skin with our jelly infused with electrolyte that reveals illuminating skin.

How It Works

We begin by cleaning your skin with Entropy water that fights free radicals and antioxidizes your skin slowing down the aging process, then applying hot towels to open your pores. Your Aesthetician will recommend which mask is best for your skin type. The mask sits for approximately 20 minutes to solidify and create a seal on your skin to absorb all the nutrients and benefits. Lastly, we peel it off to reveal illuminating skin.

What It Treats
Under The Vacuum Seal, The Mask Pushes Hydration And Nourishing Ingredients From The Mask And Other Previously Applied Skin Care Ingredients Deep Into The Skin. Provides Extra Hydration And Instant Cool And Soothing Effects. Most Importantly It Creates A Silky Soft, Vacuum-Like Seal Over The Skin. Giving Your Skin A Luxurious Texture.

Infuse Your Skin With Deep Hydration Electrolytes And Antioxidants

We've got answers

Yes, our hydro-jelly masks are customized to treat your skincare concerns.

Your skin will be hydrated and illuminating immediately after treatment.

Yes, the jelly mask can be added onto the pureHydro Facial and the Cerenity Deluxe Facial.

You may but it is recommended not to wear any makeup after any facial or treatment for 24 hours.